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Microsoft Free Downloads – lots of excellent (& free!) programs with good info


Serif Inc - Free Software – free DTP programs plus TTF fonts & clipart, with good info

Sausage Software – home of 'HotDog Pro' & other great Net shareware, good info & prices

Netscape – home of 'Navigator' & other Internet software, good info but cumbersome

DynoTech Software – good freeware and shareware programs, good info & prices


Cetus Software – terrific freeware and shareware offerings, some info


Arachnophilia – home of 'Arachnophilia' Win95/NT HTML editor/workshop ($0), good info

Symantec's File Download Area – updates, freeware & demos, reasonable info – home of ‘DR-DOS 7.02’ free DOS for non-commercial & edu use, reasonable info

Apogee / 3D Realms Web Site – shareware games, reasonable info though inconsistent, no prices

MSW Pty Ltd – home of ‘Wolf’ Windows shareware products, good info plus prices

Design Tyme Freeware – good free software, some info

MBI Business Software – shareware & freeware offerings, good info, prices

Omniquad – home of ‘Set Me Up 97’ and other shareware, good info, prices

CT Software – excellent collection of 16 & 32-bit Windows shareware, good info, prices

AccSoft Shareware – home of ‘Account Pro’ and other shareware/freeware, good info

FLF Software – home of ‘HTML Builder’ web editor, good info

WebGenie Software – shareware & freeware internet software, good info & prices

ExperTelligence – home of 'WebBase', 'Webber 32' and others, good info, prices

Vector Development – home of 'Dunce' & 'Color Picker', great freeware with good info

Faico Information Solutions – home of 'DiDa' and shareware, good info and prices

CrystalGraphics – home of 'Crystal 3D IMPACT!' shareware program, good info and prices

Jenernet Corporation – home of 'JenAva Java code generators', excellent info and prices

Aquatic Moon Software – home of ‘Markup Remover’ & other shareware, good info & prices

Cottonwood Software – home of ‘File-Ex’ for W95 &W3.1, good info & prices

DBS online – home of ‘BS/1 Small Business’ accounting software, good info & prices

Mr Idioms – home of ‘Idioms for Windows’ & ‘Sayings for Windows’, good info & prices

Web Mole – home of ‘Web Mole’, sales lead generating software, good info & prices

NotePage, Inc – home of Alphanumeric Paging Dispatch Software, some info & prices

Basta Computing – reasonably priced Win95/NT shareware, good info & prices

inKline Global Inc – home of 'Visual Day Planner' & 'Stay Connected!', good info & prices

ediSys Corp – excellent site offering Win shareware, good info & prices

Bardon Data Systems – incl Win95 programs 'Quit2DOS' & 'Rev Lowell's Treasury of Humor'

ADR Software – home of ‘KillerSearch’ meta-search engine shareware, good info and prices

VaultBase Info Systems – home of 'Lazo' Win95 internet meta-searching utility, some info & prices

LogoCycler – home of 'LogoCycler' (cycle & manage Win95 logo screens) some info & prices

Aquatic Moon Software – Win 95 and DOS shareware, basic info & prices

DigiDay Product Catalog – inc free calendar software & some shareware, good info & prices


Hanar Software – home of 'Tips & Tricks for Win95' and other freeware products, good info


Trumpet Software Inc – home of the famous 'Trumpet Winsock', good info with prices


BiggByte Software – home of ‘InfoLink Link Checker’, good info with prices


FaxSav – home of 'FaxLauncher', internet fax service, good info with prices


Moraffware – Win95 shareware mahjongg with some descriptions/screen shots but no prices


IBM & Lotus Software Library – freeware/demos for various platforms, good info but cumbersome

NetSoft LAN – home of 'NetSoft', a complete LAN for DOS/Windows, with good info and prices

The Limit Software – home of 'Password Memorizer' & 'Lockout', with fair info and prices

E-Mail Magnet – home of E-mail Magnet, software to 'harvest' e-mail addresses, prices

Pixel Vision Software – offers a couple of shareware programs, good info but no prices


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The information on these pages – including the 'dove' rating – is supplied in good faith and all care is taken to ensure accuracy. The list is non-exhaustive and additions are always welcome. If the web author of any resource site feels that the information offered, including the 'star' rating (based off the published criteria: How These Sites Are Rated), is incorrect then the Webmaster of this site should be contacted for the corrections to be made and/or the site re-reviewed. Re-reviewing of a site does not guarantee a change in ratings.

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