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My Virtual Desk - Free Stuff – heaps of freeware/shareware links, no ratings & few details but great

Computers At Mecklenburg Online – excellent links for everything computer related, but no ratings


Ganggang – 1,000+ Australian share/freeware progs, good info, with prices & ratings


Filez – search 75 million files but you must know what you're seeking, no info prices or ratings


Icon Shareware – plenty of shareware & freeware, good info, but no ratings or prices

OS/2 Warp Software Links – good OS/2-specific links, little info, no ratings

Marek's Windows 95 Software – good Win95 resources, little info, no ratings

i-net Links: Computing & Geek – good info and links (inc amusing), with ratings

Pass The Shareware Please – well presented software resource sites, with some info but no ratings


Shareware – links to major shareware sites, little info & no ratings

Free Lance, Free Software – links to many shareware & freeware sites, but little info

Shareware, anyone? – some links to to other shareware sites, little info & no ratings

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The information on these pages – including the 'dove' rating – is supplied in good faith and all care is taken to ensure accuracy. The list is non-exhaustive and additions are always welcome. If the web author of any resource site feels that the information offered, including the 'star' rating (based off the published criteria: How These Sites Are Rated), is incorrect then the Webmaster of this site should be contacted for the corrections to be made and/or the site re-reviewed. Re-reviewing of a site does not guarantee a change in ratings.

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