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Welcome to Graham's Sensational Software Sources page where you will find links to brilliant shareware and freeware programs – many through multiple resource sites where you can spend all day browsing and downloading your favourite software. We also have a page of computer books which you can purchase directly from this site (secure credit card purchase through

The software section is split into three sections: software archives; software resources; and software publishers; plus we have the computer books section.

    Software Archives is a listing of software, from various vendors, which can be downloaded directly from that site. Many of these sites have thousands of programs and can be considered as 'program resource sites'.

    Software Resources is a listing which directs you to other resource sites, or directly to either software archives or software publishers. Surf these sites and you will find all kinds of unusual resources – often including graphics, cartoons, platform-specific, etc. Graham's Sensational Software Sources is an example of a resource site.

    Software Publishers are the likes of Mircrosoft, Netscape, etc but only include companies which have downloading facilities for their software (or some of it anyway). Many are publishers of shareware products which can be downloaded and used for an evaluation period. Some software publishers have a mixture of freeware (sometimes just demos) and commercial/shareware programs so you may have to look carefully to learn the status of a particular product.

    Computer Books is where you can purchase specially selected computer-specific books which can enhance both your on-line experience, and help you to get specific assistance, training and/or reference on particular computer programs. The books are supplied through and have been hand picked just for you. will process your order, provide a secure method of paying using popular credit cards, and even gift-wrap your selection and forward it – in your name – to a friend.

I have rated each software site for its surfing value (remembering that my platform is Win95 – please also read the Disclaimer). On this index page are search engines for and the excellent ZD Net Software Library in case you are targeting just one or two programs or a keyword, like "freeware". If you are targeting a specific program and know its full filename, try 'Filez' on the Software Archives page – 'Filez' has links to over 70 million files on more than 1,000 servers. At the bottom of this page (on the Graham's Home Page button bar) is a link to some of my favourite 'Completely Free Software' – which you can download. These are Win/DOS specific and are all completely free for private use.

If you're not prepared to pay for shareware programs, please don't use them. There is a heap of fabulous free software – freeware, free-for-private-use, so-called 'lite' programs, $0-registered commercial products, public domain, etc. Using shareware beyond the evaluation period (or copying commercial products) is illegal, and perpetrators can be prosecuted. Don't say you haven't been warned!

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If you would like your software site listed on these pages, or if there is an ammendment to the current listing, e-mail me now.

The banner above is available if you wish to link to this site. Please e-mail me if you want the HTML code to insert in your homepage.

How These Sites Are Rated

Generally these sites are rated (out of five ‘golden doves’) on their ‘surf-ability’ – to give the best value for your on-line dollar (assumed to be tight!). They follow this general criteria:
  • how wide is the selection of files and/or resources available at this site? (overall quantity of resources, what platforms are covered, does it include freeware, etc)
  • how much information is supplied about each file or resource? (listing programs as shareware or freeware, download size, good description of program/site, etc)
  • are the software programs and/or resources reviewed and rated? (not applicable to software publishers)
  • are shareware products priced, and freeware stated as such? (for the people on a budget who don't want to download a 5 meg program and then find it costs $500 to register! – not applicable to resource-only sites)
Please Note: star ratings on these pages do not equate to the quality of individual software programs.


The information on these pages – including the ‘dove’ rating – is supplied in good faith and all care is taken to ensure accuracy. The list is non-exhaustive and additions are always welcome. If the web author of any resource site feels that the information offered, including the 'star' rating (based off the published criteria: How These Sites Are Rated), is incorrect then the Webmaster of this site should be contacted for the corrections to be made and/or the site re-reviewed. Re-reviewing of a site does not guarantee a change in ratings.


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