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As a freelance journalist I sometimes play around with, gulp, fiction. Mostly these are short stories, but I have been known to put prose to paper and frighten the life out of anyone who thought I only wrote ‘factional’ (read “boring”) stuff. You'll find some listed below.

As a committed Christian I have also written some Christian articles which you might like to sample.

I hope you enjoy my writing and I encourage you to let me know what you think. Just do me a favor, please, and sign your name to any letters you send me. I'm an old fashioned sort of guy who thinks its rude to send out unsigned mail...

Christian material I have written includes:

I have also posted some articles on the My Christian Daily site. These include:

And so to some samples of my secular writing...


A little while ago I was writing a novel about ancient Australia (now, unfortunately, never to see the light of day) and have converted some of the descriptive dialogue into prose. I hope these short poems describe to you a little of the Australian countryside the 'outback' in the Australian vernacular.
There is also a very short poem (three lines only) titled "Freedom" which could make you think a little about this important subject. It might even make you change you mind a little! An old scribbler like me can't ask for more...

The Derelict

"The Derelict" is a short story (2200 words) about two men who must face their pasts – a hobo (or tramp) whose wife walked out on him when he was in jail, and a ...  Well, why don't you read the story. It features some unusual aspects of writing and, like all good stories, the ending has a neat twist.

The Wyvern

"The Wyvern" is a short story (1800 words) about marital revenge set just prior to the 1956 Melbourne (Australia) Olympics in Caulfield, a suburb of Melbourne. In this story, a downtrodden wife must face her husband's infidelity. How she resolves her situation should leave a smile on most lips (no less than hers!). Foreign (and younger) readers might like to know that a 'bob' is a shilling coin (equal to 10 cents) and, therefore, 'two bob' is two shillings or 20 cents. A pound () is equal to two dollars. The average wage in the mid 50s (in Australia) was less than 25 per week ($50), so a 50 suit cost more than two week's wages. A massive sum. Only very rich people could afford new cars at that time, and anything post-war (less than 10 years old) was considered 'modern'. This information is not necessary to enjoy the story.

The Bully

"The Bully" is a very short story (1650 words) about bullying. In this story our hero, Keith, is smoking an illicit cigarette on the school oval, hidden from the teachers by a mask of fog, when he is approached by the school bully... But being picked on in the schoolyard is not the only type of bullying he faces. Please note that this story contains reasonably strong language, but language I considered appropriate to the characters in the story.

The Freedom of Silas Jennings

"The Freedom of Silas Jennings" is a short story (3000 words) which is set in a war zone. It relates a meeting between a soldier, a war correspondent and an elderly couple who were caught up in the war. It looks at the subject of "freedom" and was based on the poem of the same name mentioned above. The story is a mixture of action and dialog. I hope you enjoy it.

A Moving Story

"A Moving Story" is a comedic short story (2200 words) which relates the joys (???) of moving house as told by our "hero" and "expert" furniture removalist. If Murphy's Law is the dominant factor in your life then you will definitely relate to this story...

The Vegie Patch

"The Vegie Patch" is a comedic short story (2500 words) with the same characters as A Moving Story. In this story, our "hero" becomes a gardening guru, even though he has a black thumb...

These poems and stories are copyright © and must not be used without my written permission. However, please feel free to link to them from your homepage.

I am interested in knowing what you think of these scribblings. E-mail comments can be sent to


Jesus said: You did not choose me, but I chose you.
John 15:16 NIV

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